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Why Project Management Dilbert Style Works

Dilbert is well known for saying aloud the foolish, nonsensical, or otherwise absurd practices he experiences in the workplace. Truth is, saying something out loud often leads to a different understanding of it ““ particularly when that thing is a long standing (but useless) practice in the office. This article by Bruce Benson gives real-world examples that he’s encountered when applying the simple “Dilbert Style” project management on various engagements. In one example, Benson explains how an overabundance of meetings can lead to a lack of communication and work performance. His solution was to publish “brutally honest project data” to the whole team, allowing for everyone to focus more on the work and not so much on having meetings with 2 or 3 individuals every day.     We love Dilbert.  Click ABOVE to read the article, or CLICK BELOW for some Amazon links if you are interested in purchasing one of Scott Adams books:

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