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Why IT Services Management Wins in Software Application Development

IT service management is in a unique position to be the best choice for software application development, according to this article by Jammy Heris. There are a few reasons for this, including the fact that IT service management staff can generally spin up and spin down based on the needs of the work; so they’re a bit more responsive inherently than hiring in other solutions. Furthermore, the IT service management team members are already people your company knows: The advantage that existing IT service management structures have is that they can run that extra three yards for a first down if need be. They have the relationships with other stakeholders that will not necessarily be harmed in the making of your application. The converse is often true when non-aligned parties attempt to elicit information regarding performance from groups that already know that they are not breaking efficiency records when your organization is specifically creating a process to enhance efficiency. Furthermore, IT service management is very focused on the lowest possible cost, meaning that any initiative the team takes on will likewise be optimized to cut costs wherever possible, according to the article. Add this factor to the list of other benefits in the article, and it becomes clear as to how an IT service management team wins so many application development projects.

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