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Why Is Buying an IT Service Management Tool like Buying a Car?

This article is quite an interesting piece, which considers why buying an IT Service Management tool needs to be similar to the process of purchasing of a car.   Stephan Mann, the author, starts the article by lightheartedly stating that this sounds like the start of a bad Christmas cracker joke and that maybe the title should actually be. “Why Should buying an IT Service Management Tool be like buying a car?” I sometimes talk about new application development in the context of acquiring a car: in that the business often says “we want a green car” to IT rather than saying “we want a means to get from A to B that is aesthetically pleasing.” What I realized responding to a Forrester client inquiry this morning is that the same is true in selecting an ITSM tool. Mann suggests that organizations need to consider the same selection terms of buying a car, when in fact purchasing a ITSM tool.   For instance, similar to when buying a car you need to work out what you need it for, identify the features you need based on what you need to achieve rather than what is available, work out what you can afford, speak to your “personal network” about their experiences with particular models and vender, and  speak with existing customers.

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