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Why CMOs and CFOs Will Rule Above CIOs

The future will see a limit of power for the CIO and an increase of power for CMOs and CFOs — at least according to a recent webinar attended by post author John Dodge. In the webinar, Larry Tieman expressed how social networks are making CMOs spend, potentially, more money on IT than CIOs. Why is this important? Well, to start with, it will make their IT needs a bit more visible than the CIO's IT needs. Money walks, and those who are in charge of organizations tend to pay a bit more attention to the people who fill positions that are visible: In the short term, it won't so much boil down to an across the board decline in CIO influence. Rather, it will depend greatly on the individual occupying the CIO position and his or her relationship with the CEO. But small things become big, ergo a trend when enterprises examine what their rivals are doing.   The CMO is probably the biggest threat to CIO influence because what they do is critical from a competitive standpoint. Marketing supports the business mission and often what they need is time sensitive and opportunistic. Marketers are using technology in a host of new ways. Between BYOD, social media, and big data, CIOs are finding it difficult to manage the technology within their company through the old models of management. Unfortunately for CIOs, marketers aren't known for being patient: they'll keep using (and expand their use of) new technologies with or without a CIO's oversight.

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