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Why a Service Management System Is Necessary for Success

John Custy accepts that ITIL is a good way for IT to become a service-oriented organization, but it may not be the best way to start. His suggestion is to utilize ISO/IEC 20000 as a guidepost to know what must happen, what should happen, and leave the “how” to ITL   or anoy other framework: ISO/IEC 20000 helps service providers focus on what they must do, not all the things that they might do. This means a much clearer goal, resulting in achieving outcomes faster and more effectively. Since the standard is framework-neutral, it doesn’t matter if you are using ITIL, MOF, COBIT, or any other framework, standard, or combination of the two. What the service provider must be able to do is demonstrate that IT management controls each of the processes identified in the standard. By making sure that the service management system is mature, an organization strengthens the possibility of not only achieving its own agreements and goals, but continually optimize service management.

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