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When is it time to create a Project Management Office?

There are, undoubtedly, several benefits of implementing a Project Management Office (PMO) within a company.   This article discusses some of those benefits while also providing some of the tell-tale signs suggesting that it might be time to establish a PMO.   One of the principal benefits a company can expect from applying a PMO is the creation and implementation of consistent systems and processes.

One of the most noticeable benefits of a project management office is their ability to create and implement consistent systems and processes. Companies will become successful for a number of reasons. They have a great product, they have great salespeople, they are innovative, or a combination of other factors will lead to their success. With this success comes growth, and with growth comes growing pains”¦Once a company has reached this point of confusion, it's a great relief to those who are affected to have an objective third party (also known as a PMO) come in and smooth things out.   The members of the project management office will identify the systems and processes that are working, get rid of those that  aren't, and fill in any missing gaps.

According to this article, there is no particular size, revenue, or makeup of a company that would indicate that it's time to start a PMO, however there are a few symptoms that may be signs you want to look for.   These symptoms include, work not getting out the door, feeling like every project is the first time you've done something like it, and there not being a single group that knows what's going on across the company.   This piece helps shed some light on when and how to implement a PMO which, according to the author, can be quite beneficial.  

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