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What would go into a PPM Scorecard?

This blog post from the Discover Performance blog of HP takes a look at what would make up a PPM Scorecard, a way of measuring the benefits of a PPM tool or effort. The blog first explains what objectives should be achieved by anyone looking for PPM software (driving on-budget and on-time efforts, reducing burden on the organization, and adding RIO insight), then goes directly into what quadrants would make up the 4 quadrant Norton Kaplan model for KPIs. The third quadrant is operational excellence: 

For the operational excellence quadrant, many KPIs make sense to track change. Specifically, you want to measure the quality of project management processes and the improvement made to them.   These include things such as:   percent project tasks on time, percentage projects on time, percent projects with unresolved urgent issues, deviation of planned work hours, percent healthy projects, time to resolve project scope changes, and number of open issues. Taken together, these provide a sense of project management process improvement. These should be showing month-over-month improvement from the PPM investment.

The fourth and final quadrant is Future Orientation, using KPIs that measure prior and post employee satisfaction, as well as how well employees meet training goals. This helps determine how well project management implementation is taking place.

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