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What is the top priority for IT execs in 2012, and why?

This article is focused around the findings of a research firm, Quocirca, regarding their recent survey on the top concerns for IT executives.   According to the 500 CIO’s, CTO’s and IT managers polled, Application Performance Management (APM), was the greatest concern.     Furthermore, the article address why, given a choice of fourteen IT concerns including cloud computing, data center virtualization, and new customer facing apps, did APM come out on top. The main drivers are increased use of service delivery applications, particularly online, and increased user expectation, according to Bob Tarzey, analyst and director at Quocirca.   The danger is that if expectations are not met, customers will go elsewhere and internal users will not be as productive or motivated as they might otherwise be, he told Computer Weekly.   Some 82% of CIOs and 66% of all IT executives agreed that internal users and customers will expect better performance, such as faster page loading from their online applications.   But 43% of CIOs are not confident that their organisations will be able to meet this increased demand without improving their current APM capabilities. Bob Tarzey, analyst and director at Quocirca, said that “Organisations need to look at the whole transaction chain, but ensuring users are getting what they expect from applications is a good place to start.”   Organizations can download the free report, via the link in this article, to answer the questions and total up their score to see how they rate on the APM Pain index.

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