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What Are You Talking About?

How can you make your next project meeting go off without a hitch? This article by Jeff Richardson gives you seven critical conversation topics to center your meeting around, allowing you to power through the topics that are most meaningful and get back to the task at hand. For example, Richardson asks if the goal of the conversation is to cover the goals of the team: Performance is measured against the goals and objectives of the project and the company, so it makes sense that the conversation starts here. Don’t assume that just because the goals have been shared (or exist somewhere on the website) that everyone on the team has a common understanding of those goals and the objectives. But knowing alone is not enough. You want a team committed to accomplishing these goals. Discussing how “realistic” the goals are and sharing the anxiety related to being over committed on 3 other projects are the types of essential conversations that get to the deeper issues undermining the team’s ability to accomplish their goals (and to uncover the ideas to accomplish them all). Richardson also identifies the importance of open communication in meetings, acknowledgement of achievements, and meetings that maintain a supportive working environment. By making sure your next meeting hits these factors, you can be sure to keep on track, identify areas that need addressing in your projects, and accelerate you’re team’s success.

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