Want to succeed in IT? Five tips from the top.

Paul Coby is a CIO and IT Director at John Lewis and former technology chief at British Airways, and in this post by Mark Samuels he shares the insights that can only come from someone who was as successful as he. For instance, one of his tips is to “remember that IT is a team sport”: For example, Coby says a lot of the good things he has achieved since joining John Lewis began before he arrived. As ever, IT is in flux – and the speed of the digital transformation means great CIOs must lead their team through choppy waters. “Everyone’s technology environment is going to continue to become more complicated,” says Coby. “The people supporting IT have to deal with very complex systems. And the ongoing digital transformation means the CIO sits at the very top of a very large iceberg. The role of the CIO is to enable the transformation.” Another big of sage wisdom: don’t put innovation before day to day operations. As Coby explains, the heavier demand of on-demand technology and plug and play systems requires that even the most simple operations work correctly.

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