Universities Produce Supply Chain Management Talent

How do you find fresh Supply Chain Management Talent? Where is there a store of bright eyed Supply Chain professionals waiting for a chance to make an impact in companies around the globe? According to Joel Sutherland, this question isn't just limited to supply chains: universities and professional associations are also trying to work out how to get more supply chain students and professionals: Universities are similar to manufacturing companies in that, to survive and prosper, they must create products that are in demand. Schools offering logistics education must understand industry's evolving supply chain management needs, and develop a curriculum that produces talent that supports those needs. They must also review and adjust their supply chain course offerings regularly to ensure they stay current with industry's changing and evolving needs. Sutherland then goes on to list a few insights that schools have found to be applicable in the search of (and support of ) supply chain professionals. First recognizing that no two supply chains are the same, the list goes on to include the importance of real world experience, increased globalization, and the evolving needs of the industry. Both companies and schools providing supply chain programs must focus on consistent training of new supply chain managers in order to stay competitive.

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