Transportation Best Practices: Dedicated trucking helps shippers sleep tight

As the trucker shortage continues to grow, dedicated trucking continues to grow in use and profit for shippers. As John D. Schulz explains, dedicated trucking might be a new term to many of us, and he takes the time to explain exactly what it is: As the name implies, dedicated trucking involves fleets “dedicating” a certain percentage of its fleets to customers who can lock in capacity through long-term contracts. This guarantees capacity for shippers, gives fleets a consistent base of customers that don’t “churn” as much as normal dry van truckload customers, and guarantees drivers a predictable number of miles along very familiar routes that they may drive every day. “It’s a win-win-win for shippers, trucking companies, and receivers,” says Herb Schmidt, president of Con-way Truckload. Schulz lists a few “big names” in the trucking world and how they are incorporating dedicated trucking into their business model. For instance, J.B. Hunt saw $907 million in dedicated trucking during 2010. Dedicated trucking helps retain truckers and helps those truckers (and the businesses that those truckers work for) meet new regulations.

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