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Top 5 IT Process Automation Myths

robotCan you tell fact from fiction? This post found on Runbook Automation points out five “myths” about IT Automation, myths that often cause resistance to even the consideration of automation for IT processes. This resistance can often lead to lost profits, wasted time, and dwindling availability for more important work. The first myth addressed is simply that IT Automation costs too much money. While the author admits that there is often a sizeable price tag associated with automation, you must also consider that the price can be modified based off of what tools you do or do not need with the automation solution. There are enough groups providing automation solutions that shopping around for a price that suites your comfort shouldn't be too hard. Another myth addressed by the post is how much time it takes to implement. IT automation has a reputation for being long in implementation and complicated for teams to get in place correctly. The article addresses this myth: While it's true IT process automation involves a lot of functions and tasks, that doesn't mean it's complicated for the end user. In fact, ITPA solutions are specifically designed to be user friendly to shorten the time of implantation. What's more, quality ITPA platforms typically come backed by a number of service options for the customer to be able to access at any time. Resources like pre-packed process templates, Integration packs, video tutorials, e-books and whitepapers, online user manuals and comprehensive support packages all make answering questions and understanding processes fast and efficient. Organizations must also look past the misconception that IT automation solutions are all incapable of being designed to fit specific needs. While many solutions contain similar elements, the truth is most providers are more than willing to work with your organization to create a solution that fits your needs. Look over this post and see if there are any misconceptions you have about automation yourself, and then reconsider this cost effective option. 

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