To Leap Over Career Hurdles, Train Like an Olympian

What inspiration did you garner from the recent Olympics? Did it have anything to do with your career? I suggest you take a few minutes and read Tracey Wilen-Daugenti’s blog titled, ‘To Leap Over Career Hurdles, Train Like an Olympian.’ Tracey identifies 5 areas that can help you move your career forward, they include Master the fundamentals, Training breeds success, Be prepared to sacrifice, Develop big goals, and Seek experts when you need help. Her insightfulness into each of these key areas will motivate you to the next level. She reminds us that it typically takes several small steps to achieve major goals, and then provides an example of World Judo Championship gold medalist Kayla Harrison in her section on ‘Develop big goals.’ Tracey will inspire you to reach further and drive harder to achieve your career goals!

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