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The seven most common project management mistakes CIOs make

CIOs are strategists above almost anything else — and those strategies become marching orders for project managers. So what are some of the mistakes that CIOs make when they implement project management strategies in their organization? Raed Haddad lists seven of the most common project management mistakes in this article found on For instance, consider the common mistake of not implementing proper change management strategies: IT executives need to recognise that projects are change initiatives. It is not about redesigning the screens in a call centre, for instance, but rather the change in individuals’ daily work habits that will impact the success or failure of a new initiative. IT managers need to understand why something new has been created, especially if the ‘old way’ worked fine. Tip: Get your project managers excited about change by explaining the greater context and recognise that change takes a bit of time. Haddad also cites lack of time for planning (while insisting on a comprehensive plan), not explaining business strategy and how it relates to IT projects to project managers, and micromanagement as other hamstringing mistakes a CIO can make. The final mistake he points out is thinking of hope as a strategy. A CIO should never accept “my team will get it done” as a meaningful and valid update. CIOs must demand regular updates with actionable statuses, including concrete measurements of project movement and progress towards completion. It is in these metrics and absolutes that a CIO can truly see if the projects in their organization are being completed.

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