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The Road Map is Not Optional

Many IT organizations are surviving by solving immediate problems at the cost of long term planning, according to this article by Saul Sherry. By getting caught up in the day to day problem solving necessary in IT, entire organizations are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring or forgetting to plan for the future — something that can severely hurt the quality of work (and benefit to the company) of the IT organization: “Make sure you’re not too busy fighting with bows and arrows that you forget to unpack the machine gun,” says Ian Aitchison, ITSM product director at LANDesk Software. According to Aitchison, who has had experience as a Support Centre Manager and Best Practice Manager, the machine gun here is an investment which looks further ahead while solving the current pains. The use of a roadmap to show what would most benefit the organization and company may halt the knee jerk reaction of immediate response, allowing for IT to build it’s “weaponry” for the future and become more strategic and profitable for the organization as a whole.

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