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The Power of Passion

In this inspiring post from Chris Luter, the future of IT is discussed using the themes of passion, innovation, transformation and vision. Luther argues that it’s time for IT to stop looking at itself as anything other than a professional business — that we are just as valuable as marketers and salesmen when it comes to moving the business forward in both ability and profit. Luter’s constant refrain is: passion must be the driving force: Passion for technology must drive us. But passion for technology is not what the business is asking of us. Passion for technology easily, and too often, leads to the trap of technology for the sake of technology. Our passion must be used to ignite a transformation. This truly is our role, our expectation; it’s the purpose of technology. When the CEO invests in technology, he or she invests in our profession – they trust us to improve the operations of the business; streamline process; and create and improve operations, whether it’s a revenue stream or better service delivery to the citizen. We’re asked to see the future, to see how the tools of our profession can change things.   Luter recommends that IT executives and professionals learn more about business than they have in the past, and learn about project management regardless if they are project managers or not.   He also recommends changing your role from “techie” to business professional, someone who wants to solve business problems with the tools they can bring to the table.

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