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The Concept of Transparency in Agile Project Management

Agile project management is built off of traditional project management practices. This means that the majority of the processes are not based around people, but on actions and steps. Christina Böhm and David Haselberger take time in this article to review the idea of transparency in agile project management: how does the goal of absolute honesty and clarity move a project forward, and how can it be implemented successfully: Now the question arises: How can we achieve and implement good communication within our teams? What does good communication actually mean and how can we build up communicative competencies?When taking a closer look at the PAM study, it can be seen that communication is characterized by higher communication intensity, higher transparency, more clarity and directness. What does that mean for agile management and practice?Higher transparency, more clarity, and directness, everything we hope to achieve in any business environment, but very hard to come buy without work. Some of that work comes from enabling all people on the team to have a voice, while some of the work involves “unconditional positive regard”, which boils down to being friendly and accepting of other people’s suggestions, criticisms, and concerns.


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