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The Cloud Changes Everything

IT jobs are going to change – at least that’s what this review by Larry Cooper of a recent Tech Republic article expects. The virtualization of IT and the consolidation of infrastructures means IT professionals – including the CIO – need to consider how they will succeed in the new IT. It’s through understanding what the cloud transition means for their role that IT professionals will be able to adapt: The infrastructure managers clearly see that within IT, Service Management and business partnership skills are needed and note they will also be the ones that are going to be hardest to get. As governments consolidate their core infrastructures into a single internal cloud entity and private companies move more and more to the cloud for their core infrastructure needs, understanding these realities is going to be a difference maker for IT professionals and the organizations they work for ““ if they are still there after the cloud transition takes place. Rather than being a specialist, IT professionals will become “Versatilists” – that is, people who are skilled in multiple areas of IT and business, and who can continually adjust to what the organization needs. Those who excel will be those who are capable enough to recognize what skills they need to move forward.

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