The Case Against Agile: Ten Perennial Management Objections

Steve Denning, the author of six business books and this particular post, captures the case against Agile in ten detailed objections.   The first few of management’s objections are entitled, “1. Agile is only for stars,” “2. Agile doesn’t fit our organizational culture,” and “3. Agile only words for small projects and our projects are big.” Another is: 6. “Our firm’s individual accountability systems don’t fit Agile” “Agile development stresses the importance of team ownership in order to improve teamwork and therefore overall results. But how can we implement team ownership when our organization’s performance-reward system assesses individual performance and rewards individuals, not teams?” The answer is pretty simple: change the organization’s reward system. They are the problem, not Agile. All of these objections, ten in total, are thoroughly addressed by Mr. Denning in this article.   In his concluding paragraph he explains that being Agile means being honest and open with the entire team, allowing team members and team leaders the same amount of input and say into the progress achieved by the group.

EDITORS NOTE: Next week we will present an  opposing  viewpoint for discussion.

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