Ten traits you need to succeed in IT

In this slideshow style post from ZDNet UK, Jack Wallen lists ten traits that are essential for any IT worker to succeed in the business. As one would expect, the article lists a mixture of personal, analytical, and technical skills that all lead to a successful IT worker. One of the more revealing tips deals with passion for the job: Passion for IT is an intrinsic need for every IT worker. If you don’t love technology and solving problems, IT is not the field for you. That passion is the intangible thing that will often get you through the day when all else on this list fails. And a strong passion for IT will also drive most of the other points here far beyond what sheer intelligence and business savvy can manage. Other traits include youthful energy (IT operational hours are notoriously non-traditional), having the right skills at hand, and being able to improvise when needed. While it is unlikely that any one person would manage all ten traits, the article gives fantastic insight into the skills and personality that define those that excel in the IT industry.

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