Taking Advantage of the Economic Recovery with Project Management

Curt Finch, the author of this article, admittedly starts by stating that there has been nothing pretty about the economic recession, something we have all certainly experienced firsthand.   He goes on, however, to say that the business landscape has changed and that established companies have disappeared and industries everywhere have been operating in a safety mode, to avoid risks that would leave them vulnerable.   On the bright side though, Finch claims that is hasn’t been all negative: With the clearing of slow, cluttered or inefficient businesses, the recession has created opportunity for other businesses to flourish. For companies that made it through and are navigating the current landscape, playing it safe is no way to succeed, but neither is moving forward recklessly. A key factor that will make a difference is the intelligent execution of projects. By acting on projects that are the most profitable, and proceeding with very slim margins of error, businesses can maximise the value of their activities and make sure they operate profitably for years to come. Finch also writes about maintaining good project discipline and doing so by using SMART goals.   As you probably know, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.   Finch focuses mainly on the last one, which he considers the most important.   He says that keeping a project time-bound will make sure that you don’t suffer from “paralysis by analysis.”   Also in this article, Finch talks about project costing matters, using your tools efficiently and factors in cost of ownership.

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