Stick to Project Management Basics

It's easy to lose sight of the basics. After working for years in any field it's possible to forget the most simple of processes and procedures. This post by Jim De Piante, PMP, discusses the value of sticking with the basics of project management, and how hard that can truly be when every day brings a new catch word, trend, and fad. But like any effort that takes skill and talent, remembering the fundamentals can never lead you astray. Take for example the parallel that Piante draws: I've often heard great sports figures and musicians emphasize the importance of fundamentals in their success. Project managers would do well to place similar emphasis on the basics of our profession. I'd go even further to suggest that before we embrace  any  new or sophisticated technique, we should first look at how well we are implementing the fundamentals.   For example, what good does it do us to implement the latest agile techniques on a project where we haven't adequately implemented rudimentary change management disciplines? Similarly, what good would it do to implement Monte Carlo simulations in a context where we haven't adequately identified basic risks? Piante argues that “success depends almost entirely on how well we have implemented fundamental risk and change management processes”, and having those fundamentals in place could surely mean project success or failure. No team can be revolutionary until it's mastered the fundamentals.

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