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Smaller teams lead to better IT projects

The bigger your organization, the more likely it is that you’ll end up in long meetings when choosing a vendor or a laundry list of requirements for custom projects. As Rafael Ruffolo explains, keeping your team smaller in both of these cases will cause your selection process and requirements gathering abbreviated, helping get you right into the project as quickly as possible: “If you have a team of more than five people who are commissioned with finding the right solution and requirements, you’re probably wasting a lot of effort,” said Andy Woyzbun, lead analyst at London, Ont.-based research and consultant firm. Especially for customized projects, design by large committee almost never works, he added. While some organizations gather staff from across multiple departments to work through all aspects of a project — from the initial requirements gather project through to vendor selection — Woyzbun warned that this practice will cause most companies to miss the essentials. Keep in mind — you can always bring in more team members before deciding on anything 100%. This way you respect their time to work on projects that currently exist, but still gain their insight on potential requirements or vendors. Keeping the requirements team small will get to a solution faster while using less money.

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