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Six true and tested IT superstitions

Let’s face it: IT has some weird superstitions. In this colorful slideshow, Josh Fruhlinger examines some of the superstitions that we in the IT world hold as truths, such as voodoo powered rubber chickens and magic switches that crash computers. One example that comes from the field is George Nemeth’s experience with the alignment of the stars. While hospitals often record strange things happening when the moon is full, Nemeth claims that astrological phenomenon directly correlated with an increase in calls about website and email problems: George Nemeth, a service management specialist at Opitem, is in tune with astrology, keeping a particular eye out for Mercury retrograde. “Just before this astrological phenomenon happens, I start getting calls from people with Website and email problems. It’s uncanny!” He never really followed astrology much, he said, but “my fiancee pointed out how much busier I got around Mercury retrograde. It became a joke between my co-worker and I on a weekly email newsletter I used to do. Things tended to go awry for no good reason.” A few other common superstitions: After returning from vacation, petting all of the computers to let them know you have returned (and they should behave), naming computers and servers, taking the same steps to fix a repeating problem — even when you aren’t sure which of the steps actually fixed the problem, and even blood sacrifices when inserting graphics cards!

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