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Six things your IT department should stop doing today

The IT department becomes the catch all in lots of companies. Have a printer issue? Call the help desk. Need a cable run through the office? Call the help desk. But as Scott Lowe sees it, this kind of mentality draws IT resources away from more valuable work and, at the very least, disrupts the flow of the day for your team members.
To that end, Lowe lists 6 items that the IT department should stop doing. While it's important to note that many IT departments can't follow Lowe's advice explicitly, the list does provide a good basis to consider what work is performed within your shop that should be optimized or offloaded. Lowe includes this helpful tip about offloading any issues with printers to a dedicated service: 

I made it someone else's problem by moving to a managed printing service.   The company selected assumed full responsibility for all of our existing equipment and provided both repair services and toner replacement.   In return, we paid the company per page printed each month. Believe it or not, we saved a lot of money.   The company could get parts more quickly and easily that we could and their bulk buying capability got them toner at prices we would never have been able to touch on our own.   Best of all, it freed up scarce help desk staff time to focus on other needs

Through the use of automation (as in the case of password resets), buying solutions rather than creating them in-house, and shedding some of the more routine tasks that, in truth, other departments could do themselves, IT can reduce wasted time and cost.

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