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Six Steps Toward Embracing Change

Project management and project portfolio management help align IT to business and mitigate the increasing complexity of communication between the two. The benefits are apparent, but making the jump into a full blown PPM is often never attempted. In this article by Christian Vaillancourt on Information Management, the reasons behind the hesitancy are explained, as well as six steps towards making the first move. A big problem with embracing change is the mystery of what will happen — something that can be easily solved by laying out a framework of steps to follow.   One of these steps is to have an effective management framework: When automating new business processes, it is advisable to consider tools that are simple and scalable.  This will facilitate the use of a management framework at a particular pace and enable the team to capitalize on each step. The framework will allow all stakeholders to collaborate and exchange decision-making information safely and to interact effectively while improving the company’s performance. Take the full plunge into complete PPM and project management may seem troublesome, but consider the benefits of visibility, resource allocation, and the mitigation of cost overruns.

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