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Seven Tips for Managing Your Project Manager

sevenThese tips, written by James L. Haner, are aimed for the people who work for project managers. That being what it is, the list is just as valuable for CIOs who want some insight on how your project managers and handling their teams, what questions   they should be asking, and what qualities they should be seeking out from their organization. The list features the following tips:

  1. Be Mindful of their time
  2. Ask good questions
  3. Practice being enthusiastic
  4. Resolve conflicts
  5. Set personal due dates
  6. Use lessons learned
  7. Schedule quarterly performance reviews
Each of these tips is accompanied by an explanation of why or how to implement the advice. Consider what Haner says about asking good questions:

After you've been working on the project for a while, write up a list of questions and then rewrite them in as few words as possible. This way, you'll ask questions scope, time, cost quality, and risk as concisely as possible. Do not ask for direction without attempting to understand the task or activity at hand. You'll get ahead when you can discuss the project with your PM by asking questions like, “Here's where we are on the project; is this what you're looking for?” versus, “What should I do next?” or, “How should I handle “X?” How is this useful to the CIO? By understanding some of the tools used by team members, you can better enable them to excel at the work they perform, creating an upwardly mobile organization and assuring the success of your projects.

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