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Scrum Project’s Biggest Risk: Where did the Product Owner Go?

Bruce McGraw uses his experience and that of Don McGreal's (VP of training at Improving Enterprise) to respond to a question many project managers struggle with: where has the product owner gone?   In this article, MrGraw offers 10 tips for getting better customer/product owner involvement: Explain the essential role of the product owner in having a successful development beginning with your first interaction. Use examples that the owner or client can relate to rather than focus on methodology or abstract requirements. All of us have stories of success and failure that can be tied directly to the interaction with the client. Use some of those examples to persuade. Your goal is to help the customer or product owner believe that their active involvement is not a punishment, but an opportunity to make sure the final product meets their needs. The product owner must set the requirements for each sprint. Cast the product owner as a hero A few of his other suggestions to increasing involvement include training your product owners who may be new to their role, putting customer involvement into the initial contracts, and trying to tie the features to the products vision.   Mr. McGraw takes a very important question and dissects it, while also providing plenty of insight and recommendations. 



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