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San Francisco CTO Talks Cloud Computing Best Practices

In this article from Government Technology, Sarah Rich interviews CTO Gina Tomlinson about cloud computing in the public sector. Tomlinson is a major advocate of cloud computing, and illustrates the benefits of utilizing this growing technology. One point she makes sure to discuss includes factors that government agencies should consider when making the decision to move to cloud: It's very important that you select the appropriate service or application that should go to the cloud. Certain applications may not be well suited for the cloud, and there are certain ones that are better suited for the cloud. I think a very definitive, thorough cloud assessment needs to be done, understanding which applications or systems you're considering to move to the cloud, understanding the security of your data, and how important that is to your organization. That's pretty important. Another suggestion Tomlinson gives is to “kick the tires” when dealing with cloud; don't just launch into an all-out effort. Instead, utilize the cloud for smaller pilot projects and programs, then build based on outcomes from that pilot.

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