Sample of Predictive Modeling: performance of project managers in building projects

This thesis by Devine Kwaky Ahadzie examines a model for predicting the performance of project managrs in mass house building projects in Ghana. Ahadzie explains how human and environmental factors can be used alongside more traditional measures to assess likely future performance. Ahadzie points out that construction ““ while being one of the largest industries in developing countries ““ fails in both measurement and identification of HRM practices. Depending rather on a passive or even ad-hoc approach, the construction industry lacks a systematic framework for determining a PM's performance: Against the backdrop that the development of appropriate performance measures represents a potentially significant option for engendering managerial excellence, there is therefore the need for project-based sectors within the construction domain in developing countries to adopt a proactive approach towards performance measurement of the key2General introduction managerial personnel engaged in the industry. To this end, the identification and development of appropriate PMs' performance measures could be an important step towards the advancement of improved HRM practices in the construction industry in many developing countries, especially given the increasingly important role that PMs are playing in project management practices in recent times. The thesis then provides suggestions for moving HRM into developing countries and the industries within them, the development of the conceptual model, of researching methodology, and the preliminary analysis of gathered data from a Ghana based real-estate developers association.

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