Remembering the Information Technology Department on Labor Day

Labor Day is a time to think about the working man: the construction worker building the skyscrapers, the truck drivers delivering goods and food across the nation, the electricians, police officers, and mechanics that make America the proud nation it is today. And let us not forget the cubicle jockey keeping the servers up and running. No — No I’m completely serious. The IT worker is the modern day blue color worker. Think about it: the whole world runs on technology, and the front line force behind making sure that technology works is the common IT team member. This article from IT Thought of the Day is written from that mindset: give a thought to the IT department as you eat your hot dogs and watch the kids splash around in the pool: If your organization relies on computers, networks, Blackberries, servers, or phones — that would be all of you — then somewhere there are teams of Information Professionals who are not taking the day off.   At server farms, enterprise help desks, computer network defense outposts, and switching stations all around the world, there are teams dedicated to keeping the signal going today, just like everyday.   In many cases it is the most inexperienced or newest who draw the short straws and long shifts on holidays.   To all of you who make the modern world function, I send you thanks, appreciation, and wishes for as much fun on today’s holiday as you can make! And why not? If Labor day is about the folks who have made and continue to make our country the powerhouse that it is, it certainly should include IT workers in the list of contributors. So here’s to you, IT staff. Thanks for all the hard work you put in!

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