Real-Time Data Enrichment for Business Intelligence

Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) technology can secure strategic advantage for organizations that recognize how important it is to have visibility into the health and decision making of their business. Mark J. Cresswell makes the case in this article that real-time data enrichment helps further extend the benefits of BI and must be implemented in order to meet the rising challenges of the current business environment. The Business Intelligence Platform has moved away from basic software and into a more robust, complex system for dissecting and analyzing real-time data for more intelligent business decisions. These new platforms allow for operational data extraction, “cleaning” of that operational data, and synchronization of that data to replace old data. This rapid replacement of data also allows for business event management: Business events have more inherent meaning than mere changes to database state and are often represented by events that don’t affect the underlying database in any sense that reflects the nature of the business event. For example, consider a simple information request for a new product or service. In the event an organization wishes to track such requests to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, looking for a database state change will often be fruitless. One can think of many such examples where application activity that has business meaning isn’t fully represented by a database state change. The real-time nature of BI also lends itself to different practices for change data capture. In the past, log skimming (reading transaction logs periodically to determine what data has changed and if it needs to be synchronized) was the standard practice. Now, however, real time data capture permits for event-driven data change detection, making for faster and more accurate identification of changed data.

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