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Q&A: Improving Network Visibility

In this Q&A, James Powell interviews Tim Nichols about the importance of improving network visibility, how IT network admins can keep up, and how organizations can stay ahead of the curve. The interview begins by Nichols recognizing how hacking catches the media’s attention (and thereby becomes a looming fear of IT), but likewise how increased visibility can limit the damage incurred through cyber-attacks. Nichols also notes how early a stage IT is currently in regards to visibility: The truth is that packet-based network visibility is still in its infancy and it’s going to take a little time before people really start to understand the power and value of knowing what’s really happening inside their networks. There’s nothing new about network visibility. In fact, today we’re actually looking at the third generation of network visibility technologies (the first was SNMP/Syslog-based solutions, the second was NetFlow, and the current generation is packet-level visibility solutions.) The interview then moves to subjects such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the SEC requiring public companies to disclose cyber-attacks, and the rapid expanse of networks. With this rapid expanding network capability comes the need for as much visibility as possible to help mitigate and control both internal and external issues that are destined to occur.

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