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Project Management 101: Top 10 General PM Guidelines

This article from PM Hut gives 10 great general tips for project management. While the list was originally compiled for someone who is new to project management, it also acts as an outstanding refresher for anyone who is very experienced but could use a refresher (or wants to make sure they are still on the right path). One small tip that is perhaps more overlooked than others is to make notes on meetings and action items (and any follow ups): Record what happened during meetings and any follow-ups (or have someone reliable and appropriate do it for you). Immediately following the meeting adjournment, things are probably reasonably clear. But don’t count on the discussion to be as fresh in your head 2 weeks after the fact. Therefore, you should keep a record”¬¶Follow-up on meeting notes and action items: ¬†It’s not enough to just write things down. Follow-up on them. Other tips include knowing where your most important documents are at all times, communicating with people effectively and making sure everyone’s opinion is heard, and making sure to present yourself as a calm and intelligent person (even when everything is coming apart at the seams). These, along with the other tips and suggestions provided, make for a great list of project management 101 guidelines.

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