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Presenting ITIL® to the Management Team

Before your organization can benefit from ITIL, someone has to convince your management team that it is a good idea. Presenting the end goal of service management that enables change is an option, but how do you really drive your point home? An article by Jessica Wharton offers tips to making ITIL more appealing to your business. She begins by recommending an analysis of where your business currently stands. Next, highlight your plans for reaching your goals:

This is where you discuss the strategy you’ve devised for your organization, remember to set measurable targets and be realistic about costs and timescales. You’ll need to manage the expectations of the management team, so ensure there is plenty of opportunity for them to ask questions and ensure that as the changes are being carried out, you have put a system in place which allows for open communication between team members, teams, departments and management levels. You’ll also need to explain how you plan to monitor the success of the implementation and any procedures in place make adjustments to the original plan or strategy. Be realistic about people’s workloads and abilities.

The conclusion of your pitch is also very important. Wharton suggests that you remind your management team that “this is not a one off project.” In other words, benefits will become apparent time and time again.

ITIL will need to become part of your company’s culture notes Wharton, so it is vital that you gain the support of your management team. Setting realistic expectations for your mangers’ involvement is wise and it makes it easier to communicate precisely what is needed. Furthermore, it may be beneficial to research how others may have convinced their own organizations to go with ITIL. When you make someone see the benefits, implementation will come much more easily.

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