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PM 101: The 5 Commandments of Project Management

Are you new to the world of PPM? This post from The Project Box can help you get a leg up on project management best practices, tips, and success. Ally Tutkaluk suggests, for instance, that managing time can mean the difference between bringing a project in on budget or having it crash and burn: Guess what a common cause of projects running late and over-budget is? Poor time management. Luckily, most project management software can be a big help in the managing of your project timeline and schedule. Before you get started on building your project schedule in your software tool, break the project down to the tasks that need to be performed. The project manager should figure out what those tasks are, how long it will take to complete them, what resources they require, and finally, what order they should be completed in. The focus of the article is on making sure you treat people like people (not “resources”), to stay mindful of money and time, and to remember risk management even when everything is going smoothly.

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