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People + Projects = Strategy Execution : How a Strategic Project Office solves business problems

No matter how reflexive and dedicated your team is, it’s hard to manage projects with success without a single point of operation. This PDF by Kent Crawford, PMP, and Jeanette Cabanis-Brewin explains the reasons why having a project office is the best assurance for moving your projects (and people) forward. As the paper logistically states: projects make strategy happen, and people do projects; so making sure your people have a project office that facilitates successful project completion is paramount to success. Through the systematic   optimization that a project office provides, you can assure the creation of project managers who are completely prepared and able: Competent and experienced project managers are not accidental: they are grown in an environment that trains, mentors, and rewards them based on performance in projects””a topic that most HR departments know very little about. Benefits of having a good project manager include reduced project expense, higher morale, and quicker time to market. They must be able to define requirements, estimate resources and schedule their delivery, budget and manage costs, motivate teams, resolve conflicts, negotiate external resources, manage contracts, assess and reduce risks, and adhere to a standard methodology and quality processes. Obviously, there is a growing body of knowledge about who makes the best project manager, how to develop their skills, and what kinds of rewards motivate them. Through a strong project office, team members and project managers are enabled to succeed, the right information is communicated, and projects are orchestrated in a way that supports the goals of the organization.

Note: The PDF has been removed by the original author since the publication of this article. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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