New Year, New Challenges? 2013 IT Support Predictions

Mobility, social networks, and virtual tech will fundamentally change the way IT does business in the new year. This article by Nathan McNeill and featured on Wired.com looks at five IT support predictions for the new year:

  • IT will lose more control over tech purchases
  • IT will continue to deal with resource challenges
  • The threat of data breaches can no longer be ignored
  • IT must embrace mobile support
  • Self-service dead ends will need to be eliminated

These predictions are well founded – each is simply a natural extension of pain points which organisations felt in 2012 but didn’t have the knowledge nor time to deal with. McNeill explains, for instance, how home-grown and modified social networks for the enterprise, and how important having self service that works will become: In the New Year, the help desk will face growing pressure to design enterprise social networks, Wikis and other internal portals to increase self-service support. As these are implemented, however, IT must be careful not to build self-service pathways with dead ends. If a user cannot resolve an issue through self-service and ultimately has to call support anyway, he will simply go back to immediately picking up the phone whenever a problem arises. In order to ensure widespread adoption, self-service channels must include an easy way for users to immediately connect with IT, either via chat or by requesting a remote support session, should they require more in-depth assistance. The other interesting point that he brings up is how BYOD will no longer be a “something out there” interest for IT. It isn’t going away – people will, at the very least, check their work email on smartphones. To ignore security concerns in even that small instance of BYOD is a foolish and costly mistake. Check out the article to read over the list of predictions, and learn if you’re in line with them in your organisation.

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