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New IT governance structure at DHS

The Department of Homeland Security is attempting a new IT governance structure, setting new goals and objectives, assessing investments and eliminating redundancies where possible. A recent Government Accountability report highlighted some of the upcoming changes as well as the progress that has been made thus far, with auditors noting that the DHS has yet to develop and implementation plan for the governance change: In the report, auditors mildly criticize DHS for not developing an implementation plan for the new governance structure. DHS officials told auditors they are now piloting the process and will develop a 2-year plan based on a revised IT strategic plan due for completion by the end of this summer. Auditors also say DHS has yet to fully develop measures to assess progress in impelling the new structure and say that while DHS officials told them they're using lessons learned from the pilots to improve the structure, they have yet to establish a mechanism for capturing the lessons learned. So far, only 3 portfolio governance boards are operational, with two more expected by September 30th. The net result is hoped to produce less waste and increased productivity throughout the DHS, along with more visibility into the work being performed in each project and portfolio.

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