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NASA’s Move to the Cloud Saves $1 Million a Year

The CIO of NASA, Linda Cureton, recently indicated that the agency has saved almost one million dollars by moving many of its applications to the cloud. According to Cureton, the move made sense for both cost as well as end-user transparency of services and communication: The agency has also been working to improve transparency into its IT operations. It has deployed centrally-managed end-user services, communications services, web services and enterprise application management and development capabilities. It also  launched a central business office and working capital fund to support several major IT contracts. All said and done, NASA has closed 20 datacenters as it consolidates and optimizes its IT operations. NASA hopes to continue driving down cost while providing better service through the use of the cloud and other cost saving measures. As Cureton explains, NASA is striving to become an “outcome-focused IT organization”.

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