Project Management

Must-Have Job Skills for IT Project Managers

IDC, a market intelligence and advisory firm for IT, predicted that IT spending will grow to US$1.8 trillion in 2012. This means jobs, but not jobs with the same skill set requested in the past. According to this article on, a background in agile is gaining popularity and desirability, as is a background in cloud computing: In its statement to the Congressional IT Reform Forum, PMI states that “cloud computing is changing the way technology supports the business. Yet embracing that technology requires strong project management leadership and technical expertise to ease stakeholders and end users through the transition.” In February 2012, hiring demand for candidates with cloud computing skills in the United States was up 92 percent compared to February 2011 and 400 percent compared to the same time in 2010, according to Wanted Analytics. But you must have more than just a background, according to the article. IT job seekers must also show a mastery by emphasizing their skills past the resume: blogging, an updated Linkedin profile, and even twitter can help a prospective employer make the decision to hire you over someone else.

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