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Most business leaders have no faith in IT

Citing a recent survey of European business leaders by Vanson Bourne, this article by Antony Savvas cites that 65% of decision makers say IT is not helping them make the changes they require. This is a huge problem for IT, which must not only be more active than in the past with enabling the business, but must excel at it. Bourne explains that the impression of lacking help isn't limited to business, as most IT leaders felt they could do more, too:

 [M]ost business decision-makers (65 percent) do not feel that IT is helping them make the changes they require. Interestingly the vast majority of IT leaders recognized that their systems are not good enough, with 80 percent reporting that their IT is not performing well with regards to areas such as managing unplanned customer interactions (45 percent), gaining a single view of the business need (44 percent) and bringing data onto mobile devices (43 percent).

Projects taking longer than planned (36 percent), the inflexibility and insularity of business systems (27 percent) and getting IT to absorb and react in a timescale that matches expectations (17 percent) are the key challenges cited by senior business leaders. IT leaders also expressed that they believed business was favoring cloud solutions so heavily because of how quickly the cloud is able to be up and running– a growing challenge for IT leaders. Escaping the trap of seeming not helpful will require a consistent drive for optimization and further visibility into the business.

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