Project Management

Mobility and the Project Manager

Bob Tarne, a consultant, writer and speaker, provides his professional thoughts on whether or not mobile technology is changing the world of project management.   He offers up his personal beliefs about perhaps sticking to the simplest of solutions, such as post-its and cardboard, as opposed to heavily relying on the technology. I will always take the simplest solution. When it comes to managing a co-located team, a cardboard is very effective. You can take a quick look and know exactly the status of the iteration. If you have 2 days left in the iteration and a bunch of cards in the column for waiting user acceptance, you know where you need to focus your time. One of the principals of Kanban is to make your process visible, and a cardboard does this very effectively, even if you’re not using Kanban. He goes onto mention that this method of using post-its and cardboard, while effective with a single iteration, may not cut it for programs containing multiple iterations and releases.   For those types of projects Tarne uses an on-line tool that incorporates all of his iterations and stories.  

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