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Marketing and IT: the CIO and CMO are not such an odd couple

This article is an excerpt from an interview with Harvey Koeppel, the Center for CIO Leadership’s Executive Director.   He took some time, during a networking event in New York where he was the featured speaker, to discuss some ways to reimagine or reinvent CIO and chief marketing officer partnerships.   When asked what his thesis was for the night’s discussion, he answered: Where we started was a general consensus around the room that there really are some interesting gaps in the relationships today between marketing teams, led by the CMO, and IT teams, led by the CIO. In many cases, it feels as if these different groups are actually speaking different languages — and frankly, in many cases they probably are.   Some of these disconnects or gaps have historically led to the proliferation of different technologies across the enterprise, most often managed by CIOs and their IT staffs. Very commonly, many marketing departments, for lots of reasons, have developed their own IT capabilities, and have relied on internal and external resources, service providers, and consultants to support their efforts around data analysis, segmentation, campaign management and so forth. Koepple goes on to answer several other questions, all relating to a united partnership between businesses CIO’s and CMO’s.   For instance, when asked what the next frontier is for CIO’s to advance their career and their profession, he answered that there is a tremendous opportunity for CIO and CMO partnerships to be reimagined or invented, especially with newer technologies like cloud computing or data analytics.   Koeppel answers some very difficult questions and with a great deal of insightfulness in this article and that makes it well worth the read.

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