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Make Business Process Realignment a Part of Every Technology Project

Trying to use your old remote control to start your new TV will not work, so why would you keep using your old work processes when you install new technology? Retaining rules and systems that worked for one set of technology will not necessarily work for a new set. Bruce McGraw reminds us that process realignment must be a part of every new technology project.

Even when the same people are performing the same roles, it should be understood that the way they perform those roles changes when new technology is implemented. One example is when processes which were once manual become automated, in that suddenly less official procedure becomes involved in completing the task. McGraw elaborates on another scenario:

In other cases the new technology we implement presents the opportunity to revise related business processes.  Some clients choose to use the new technology and simply keep the old work process. These clients often reason that even some change (the technology) is enough – they felt like buying a new set of clothes will help the person get the job done better.  However, this reasoning often results in a misalignment between what the technology can do for them and how they currently work.  By failing to realign business processes to include and build on the functionality provided by their (new or even existing) technology, they get less value from their technology than they could.

When organizations ask themselves how to “do more with less,” better aligning processes with technology is often one of the best ways to go about it. There are several businesses where, even after
spending all the money to acquire technology, little to no training is actually provided to use the new technology. Do not make this mistake. When you buy the new TV, you use the new remote, or else you will be stuck on the same old channel for far too long.

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