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Listening To IT Workers Can Increase Project Success

TEKSystems recently announced findings from a survey conducted with 6,100 IT Professionals. These professionals indicated that while 2/3rds of them were doing well on projects, they reported low scores for selecting the right service provider, had difficulties with IT organizational structure, had a low percentage for user adoption and change management, and had poor stakeholder management overall. The article from Techtaffy goes on to explain explain that many of these troubles areas could be helped by listening to the front line IT worker:

“Many IT leaders and decision makers lack the line-level perspective around key IT initiatives, which is a necessity to ensure project success. Due to their proximity to the work itself, the IT workers on the line likely have more practical ideas around solutions that can improve strategy development and project execution,” states TEKsystems Director, Rachel Russell. “IT workers have insights that IT leaders must tap into if they want to experience higher levels of success and performance.” Measuring the success of an IT program is an important step in showing that an investment in IT positively impacts the business. Surprisingly, only 56% of IT professionals report that quantifiable success metrics for programs are identified. When metrics are used, the most common measurements involve process improvement, internal client satisfaction, quality improvement, cost savings and productivity increases. The success metrics IT professionals indicate as being least utilized includes user adoption and revenue increase.

The IT professional knows what it takes to get work done, support initiatives, and recognize issues. By tapping into the day-to-day experience of your employees, CIOs can more readily get a pulse of the projects, organization, and initiatives being attempted. This information is invaluable for anyone who wants a responsive, well aligned IT effort.

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