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Lessons Learned from Failed Projects

By asking this question on LinkedIn: “What is the most important lesson you have learned from a failed project”, Mark Phillipy was able to build this article on some of the best practices realized after the biggest project mistakes were made. The article features unedited responses of project managers, and reveals the importance of stakeholder involvement, being resilient, and assuming that the right information is getting in front of (and read by) the right people. One piece of advice explains the importance of complete requirements:

  Based on my experience the most important lesson I've learned is to make sure you have complete client requirements. Too often a client will want you to launch a project and they “know” the scope and want you to just implement. It's important to take time at the beginning of the project to really understand the client requirements. The final few quotes deal with perspective

Namely, understand that failure in a project doesn't mean failure in your business or your ability to work successfully. By taking the lessons shared in this article to heart,   project managers can recognize that even a bad situation has some positive lessons.

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