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Key Steps to Building a High Performance Team: Prune and Improve

This article is one of a compilation of several articles that articulate the authors take on how to build a high performance team.   At nearly every poor performing organization that this author and expert has been responsible for turning around, he has found  the primary reason for inadequate talent and poor performing teams was inadequate manager attention and focus on activities.   His advice on the subject, “work hard to make the time, even though you would much rather be doing other activities.”

Building High Performance Teams:  As I have mentioned previously, I have a  positive outlook on the competence of today's managers and leaders. I see more material and approaches available for managers than ever before and more effort and study applied by the managers as well. Much of the material though is either a very narrow spectrum or a single technique which does not address the full spectrum of practices and knowledge that must be brought to bear to build and sustain a high performance IT team. So,  I have assembled a set of practices that I have leveraged or I have seen peers or other senior IT leaders use to build high performance IT teams in this series of posts to enable managers to have a broad source of practice at their disposal.

The author goes on to list several practices which any organization can use to build a high performing team.   The steps include, first defining a compelling vision and set the right goals, expectations and behaviors, second establishing high performance team principles as the norm for their group”¦etc.

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