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ITIL Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

Saying this little acronym can cause people to cringe, sigh, or roll their eyes at you. ITIL makes people nervous, as they don’t believe it could ever work in there organization, and even if it did, it’d be too painful to live with. This blog post by Jason Akai aims to explain why ITIL shouldn’t be so concerning, how it can strengthen your organization, and why seeing it as a monolith of a process improvement methodology is misleading. To start, he explains away some of the misconceptions about ITIL: ITIL isn’t magic.   ITIL isn’t rigid and unbending.   It isn’t some straightforward blueprint you can just “follow” and it “works.”   It’s a series of goals, practices, ways to help form best practices, processes and procedures for a specific company.   It gives people a framework from which to build a house of efficiency.   It shows you how to value what you do by thinking of it as a service to your customers, rather than a burden or plight on society. Akai then goes on to explain that ITIL should be easy to embrace (but not fast), that you should look for an ITIL provider to assess where you stand right now, and determine a single team or lead person to take all of the ITIL classes and become the SME for your company. What’s the benefit to all of this effort? Besides making ITIL approachable, you will be creating an organization that is focused on the best practices in the industry, consistently moving forward, and always optimizing in-house processes.

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